Since getting involved in the web oh so many years ago, I have taken a stab at a variety of different types of blogs, most commonly ones that focused on interesting articles and websites I happened upon during my serendipitous daily surfing. A typical post to my blog would include a link, perhaps an image to accompany that link, as well as a short, pithy remark about the article, and rarely more than that. It then occurred to me that there were multiple places on the web that already catered to this type of online sharing. In addition to my posts on this blog, I was already posting most of the same articles to my Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Google+ accounts. Why should I post most of the same stuff to my own website? I figure it was a waste of electrons.

Well here I go again. I have deleted most of the content from all my previous posts and am starting again with a clean slate. I will still post articles I find online, but without the short pithy remarks in previous posts. Instead I will accompany articles with (hopefully) well thought out reactions and responses to articles found online. I would hope that over time a narrative will manifest itself in such remarks and perhaps I will discover a little something about myself.

In addition to such posts, I will begin to share some of my photography that I find worthy sharing with the online world. Most of it will be separated into it’s own Photography category found in the top right corner navigation area. Some of it, however, will find itself in posts to this blog. Those posts will be updated regularly with new photographs adding to or replacing photos in those blog posts, making them essentially living documents. Perhaps you’ll hate it, love it or more likely somewhere in between.

I have also installed a new design for this site, thanks to the folks at The Theme Foundry. I know, I am a web developer and designer and could very well design my own website as I have many times in the past. Perhaps I’m lazy, which is sometimes the truth, but since I can’t code snazzy and slick WordPress themes as The Theme Foundry has done, I instead use this blog to focus on my writing, photography and many other forms of content that I can call my own. I may tweak the visual design of this blog over time, but decide that when I get around to it.

In my entire blogging history, I have blogged in spurts and not necessarily in a regular, even fashion. I hope to fix that by posting on a regular basis. But with a wife, daughter, job and so much more, life can intrude on such plans. We’ll see.

I hope you enjoy my blog.