I have this dream of walking into a thrift shop and buying some film negatives that prove to be treasure troves. The likelihood of this happening is probably along the lines of winning a bundle of cash in the lottery. But in this case, Matt Ames found a treasure trove in a Roanoke, Virginia thrift store:

In 2013 I found several rolls of negatives in a thrift store in Roanoke, Virginia. They were standard 35mm, black and white and some of the rolls were clearly nitrate film. The film was still supple so I had the rolls digitized the following day. Much to my surprise the film included photographs of Hitler and King Emmanuel on parade, other Nazi images from Naples, Italy in the Spring of 1938, numerous photos of Naples city life, a Mobil Oil plant there, Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii and photos of Manhattan. I’ve presented the images at Patrick Henry Community College in Martinsville, Virginia; discussing steps to understanding found artifacts. There are over 400 images in the collection, these are just a few. I still don’t know who took the photographs.

Lucky bastard. Find more here.