I do not strive to call myself a professional photographer, as I have had no professional training and there are aspects of the art form that I am still attempting to learn more about. However I attempt to catch the best possible image of what I think is both interesting and beautiful. Whether a photograph should be in black and white or in color depends on the nature of the picture and what I think it is trying to communicate. If the picture is of a beautiful landscape, a child in colorful clothing, or just a magnificent blend of beautiful colors, then, in most cases, the picture should be in color. But if the picture is saying something more than the environment in which the picture is situated, I think black and white serves as a stronger lens in which to magnify that statement.

Curious Bits serves as a site to showcase photographs taken by myself, Daniel Swartz, as well as a blog to share everything about photography that I discover on the web. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do in maintaining it.

Most photos are taken with an iPhone ranging from 3G to 6+. The rest are taken with a Canon Rebel t2i.