If the process of gestation holds true, I was conceived sometime around the end of May, 1969, give or take a few weeks. My parents, brother and sister had moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from Sweden roughly two years before, meaning I would be the first family member eligible for Oval Office occupancy.  However, before I could do that, I had to vacate my oval surroundings and take my first breath of fresh air.  My journey to the light at the end of the tunnel took place at 1:15 pm in Redwood City, California on February 21, 1970, adding to a global population of 3.7 billion souls.

Since then the world has doubled in size and I have filled my head with a lot of facts and other information that I don’t know what to do with, some of it useful, other completely useless, but interesting nevertheless. I majored in history and music in college and after a period of time as a freelance musician, I now work on “the tubes“. One would think that with the internet, people are learning more than ever before. But I think it’s the other way around, with so much information out there, people don’t know how to process and remember what they are finding and reading. There are simply too many sources out there that it just becomes static after a while. This must explain the recent wave of internet curators, sifting through the massive pile of info out there and organizing it into more easily digestible chunks. I’ll try to carve out a niche of content that I find interesting and think others would too.