Jupiter Never Looked So Good

Jupiter Never Looked So Good

Up until recently, any picture that we saw of Jupiter always had the iconic red spot and the swirling lines of storms across the entire planet. These have been views seen from the Hubble Space Telescope, the Galileo spacecraft that spent __ years orbiting the planet in a _____ orbit as well as flybys of the Voyager, Pioneer, Cassini and New Horizons spacecrafts. But now we have Juno, which arrived at the Jovian planet in ____. The difference with this mission is that the spacecraft orbits Jupiter in a unique _______ orbit, allowing us to see areas of the planet previously unseen to humanity.

Jupiter’s South Pole
Approaching Jupiter
Jupiter’s Little Red Spot


Just to compare with pictures of Jupiter prior to Juno’s arrival, here are pictures from various spacecraft over the years.

From Pioneer 10 in 1974
From Voyager 1 in 1979
From Cassini in 2000 on its way to Saturn
From New Horizons in 2007 on its way to Pluto
Venice and Modern Political Art

Venice and Modern Political Art

At the risk of sounding like a complete snob, Venice is one of best places in the world. If you are looking for a city to aimlessly walk around in, endless spots to curl up with a book, eavesdrop on conversations of all languages, drink endless supplies of wine and pasta and to peruse some of the world’s greatest art, Venice is your place. The city also has a wonderful habit of making statements in the most fantastic and unusual ways possible. Many of those statements tend to orbit around it’s Biennale, an international exhibition of modern art. The main exhibition occupies the Venice gardens, but often enough art is situated throughout the city itself. This article about artist Lorenzo Quinn’s gigantic hands sculpture sends a very clear message about the effects of global warming.

Found on Colossal.

Support: Monumental Hands Rise from the Water in Venice to Highlight Climate Change