Product Design & Management

Accomplished Product Manager with focus on product growth, user engagement, revenue and design. Seeking a senior product role, working on innovative solutions.

Most Recent Position: 

  • Soon after company pivot, brought in to lead full redesign of editorial content management tools and full slate of related front-end consumer mobile and desktop web media products, which at its peak had traffic of 1.5 billion page views and 25 million unique users per month, leading to large increase in content creation that contributed heavily to steady growth in revenue and user engagement.
  • Continued with steady improvement and growth through ongoing series of A/B testing and traffic data analysis, with primary focus on locating and maximizing revenue points and increasing user engagement.

… Dan demonstrated a drive to explore, prototype and define new features, while ensuring that all specs were clear and key metrics defined – which made for a seamless and always rewarding working experience.

Design Portfolio: Mobile, Desktop, Application Tools

High-Res Version: High-Res (39 MB)

… Dan is the quintessential product manager. He understands the process and drives it from start to finish with determination and professionalism. He works well cross-functionally and does his best to meet the needs of all stakeholders while never losing site of what will be the best result for end users.

Project Case Study: CMS Design Process

… What is the problem the product is trying to solve? Who’s the target audience? How will we be reaching them? How can we optimize the product to maximize the lead funnel? These are the smart, insightful questions (among a myriad of others) that Daniel brings to any project he works on.

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